Elias Bachaalany, a brilliant software developer

Mr. Elias Bachaalany is a software developer at Hex-Rays. He is an important member of the team behind IDA Pro; specifically, he is responsible for the Bochs and WinDbg debugger modules as well as other parts of the product. He is also an IDA Pro trainer. Before joining Hex-Rays, Elias worked at SecurSoftware, and developed various security products. He has significant experience in device driver development and writing utility programs. He was also involved in researching and applying best practices to secure applications.

Elias has been a long time IDA Pro user since he bought his first copy of IDA Pro while he was a student. He has been actively involved in the IDA Pro community; he designed and implemented many free and open source scripts and plugins for IDA Pro.

Teaching and writing technical material has been his passion throughout his career. He was a successful programming lab instructor at AUST (American University of Science and Technology), helping students learn and apply x86 assembly language, C++ and Java. He also worked at New Horizons Computer Learning Center as a C-language instructor. Elias has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from AUST in Lebanon. You can reach him at elias@hex-rays.com.